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Episode One - The Pilot

June 6, 2016

Who we are and why we are here…



Before we start I need to explain that Katie is the creative genius behind this website. She came to me a couple of months ago and asked me who my female mentor was in our profession. I couldn’t answer, I don’t have a fellow female SID (Sports Information Director) that I turn to to when I need advice or anything like that. Then she asked me if I had a male mentor in our profession and I quickly could think of a few that I turn to when I need advice. See, Katie and I met when we were both assistant SIDs at member institutions in the Sunshine State Conference at the NCAA Division II level. This past fall nearly two weeks apart we made career moves to the Division I level. Who was the person I turned to when I needed advice on my decision to move on from the place that launched my career? Katie. That brings me back to where we are now and why we are creating this website. There was no clear path for me to take, and I was torn in different directions. Our wish wish for this website is that we can create a place to inspire and support other females in our very male-driven industry.  



So why create a website? The truth is, we realized that when we look up the metaphorical corporate ladder, we don’t see a path to the top. When we have questions about female leadership and how to make appropriate and timely career moves, we don’t have anyone to ask. Olivia and I have been blessed in many ways to network and find great opportunities, but we’ve never had anyone to give us true career advice. We are proud to have made it where we are today through hard work, determination, and a deep desire to watch sports for a living, but there are definitely times where we could use some guidance.

Simply put, we are creating this blog to help women like us. Our vision for this website is to create a collection of resources, advice, and tips for women looking to enter this profession as well as women already established in it. Our goal is to learn alongside you all and find out what it truly takes to break through the metaphorical glass ceiling and sparkle in the land of sports.


We hope you’ll join us.

Sincerely, Olivia and Katie


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