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Anonymous asked...

July 5, 2016

We have gotten some incredible feedback in the last month since officially launching so THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading and sharing our blog. Our views have nearly tripled since we first launched and they are continuing to grow more and more.  


A few people reached out to us about adding a Q&A section in which we can answer questions specific to the viewer. We loved the idea and so we added it right away. Well this week we got our first Q… so here is our A!  


Anonymous Asked:  

What advice would you ladies give to someone who is about to start a new position/role with a new company/organization/dept./etc.?  


Our Answer:  

I have a few pieces of advice for someone who is about to start in a new job or new role at a pre-existing place. Luckily for Anonymous, both Katie and myself have gone through a couple of job changes recently so hopefully we can help.   


1. Be you from the start.

To me it is very important to be who you are from the start. Don’t be timid or shy because you want your new coworkers to like you. They will like you more if you are comfortable from day one with them.   


2. Take every opportunity you can to meet your coworkers. 


I am big on disappearing from my desk for a half hour every day just to walk around and chat with the people I work amongst. We often joke that when I go upstairs in our building I disappear for hours because I hop from office to office saying “hi” to everyone from our ticket sales director to the women’s basketball coaching staff to a few coaches I don’t even work directly with. Eventually you will see who you mesh with and will be able to establish friendships outside of the office if you so wish. (SID’s take note, coaches love when you “show face” for no reason but to see how they’re doing). Not only does going for a stroll to see your coworkers show that you are a team player and genuinely care, but it also keeps you from going insane sitting in front of a 15-inch screen for eight hours a day.   


3. Don’t dress to impress. 


I am so guilty of this in the past! I always wear my best and nicest outfits with heels for the first weeks of my new job and then I slowly get into the routine of wearing my comfy dress pants, sandals/flats and nice top attire that I wear every day. This goes hand in hand with my first piece of advice because you want to set the tone for how you present yourself on a daily basis. Now Katie and myself always joke about “Say No to Polos” because we’d rather dress up for work, but if you wear a polo and khakis every day during the school year then don’t be afraid to wear that during your first week of work. Remember, comfort is key!   


4. Take a note. 


Make mental notes (or digital ones in your iPhone notepad like me) for everyone you meet your first week. It will help you in the long run, especially with the people you don’t interact with on a day-to-day basis. To me there is nothing more embarrassing than forgetting a name or face of someone I had a conversation with when I first started in the fall and then there we are at the office holiday party and I can’t figure out who they are/what we talked about and they make me feel like a jerk!   


5. Enjoy the ride. 


My last piece of advice is to just enjoy the ride. It’s like the first day of school, most kids hated it growing up but I loved it! It’s an opportunity to meet new people and explore new places. If you are moving to a new city and don’t know anyone, don’t be afraid to ask a few coworkers to get together and show you around!  

Hopefully my advice helps; it has worked with me so far. I was fortunate enough to know someone at my current school when I got hired so networking and making friends wasn’t too hard. But I sure do wish I had some advice when I took my first full-time job and moved 1,200 miles from home.


We are going to continue to answer our Q&A section as mini-posts between bigger posts. So please keep the questions coming!   Hope you all had a happy & safe Fourth of July weekend celebrating America’s 240th birthday. I promise to be back on my S&S grind when I return from my 16-day trip to New York. 


Take Care,

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