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Match me a mentor…

June 10, 2016

So a big part of the foundation of this blog was not having a female mentor in the realm of what we do. Last year CoSIDA started a mentorship program and I was late on registering so I had to put it off a year. There are a few things I wanted out of this new(ish) mentorship program. 


First, I really want a mentor who has been in the business for over 20 years. Why you ask? Because I feel that for the most part, there is a big gap in my generation and that generation and I want a relationship with someone where we can build a bridge to each other and learn from each other. Obviously there is A LOT I can learn from someone with more experience I the biz than years I have been alive. But also, I’m sure there is a plethora of info that person can learn from a millennial like myself. 


Okay, second reason I wanted to see if by “natural selection” I would be paired with another female. So when I filled out my application to the program it asked a bunch of questions for preference. 


Would you like you have a mentor in the same NCAA Division as you? Yes. 


Would you like your mentor to be located in the same geographical region as you? Yes. 


Would you prefer a mentor of the same sex? No preference. 


A few other questions later and it was complete. Then I played the waiting game. 


The reason I selected for no preference on the gender of my mentor was to see if it would “naturally” happen. It did not and I am fine with it. Monday night I got my mentor assignment and I am truly excited to meet him and begin this mentor/mentee relationship. He has a lot of experience working everywhere from the ACC to the same conference I am in right now. AWESOME. 


I also am eager to get to convention on Sunday and hopefully attend the meet-up session for the program. I want to see how many females joined, how many female mentors there are and how many female mentees there are and also how many female mentors have a male mentee. Other things that are on my mind going into this is getting an experience to shadow my mentor for one of their home games and see if there are other “smarter” ways to do things. 


Another is that I want someone I can turn to for professional guidance, not just one of those “I’m having a bad day” kind of things. I want a more experienced professional’s input on if I am making the right choices and setting myself up for a long and successful career in this industry. 


So as I head out to Dallas this weekend I am hoping to come back with a very positive update for you all.



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