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The Impact You Can Make

November 12, 2016

Do you ever wonder what kind of impact you make on your student-athletes? The long hours and hard work that sometimes feel unnoticed and unappreciated can take their toll but it is important to remember that it is worth it.


To coincide with CoSIDA's Membership Recognition Week, we reached out to a former student-athlete who will never forget all her SID did for her while she was in college. CoSIDA's recognition week may be wrapping up but you can always #thankyourSID whether you are an administrator, coach, student-athlete or fellow staff member.



    Being an SID wasn't something I thought would be a future for me, but then I began working for a specific SID and she really changed that perspective for me. Going into the position, to me it was nothing more then an on-campus job. But after I started working the position, and learned more about it, it became extremely interesting to me. The more I worked for her, the more I learned about the industry, and the more interesting it became. I started learning things quickly, and she took me under her wing as her prodigy. She taught me everything there was to know, and made sure I enjoyed it every step of the way. 


    Rather then being my "boss," she was my mentor and shaped me and ensured I had all the right tools to succeed. She mentored me in all aspects of life. She was there for me when it came to home issues, when I had homework, or even when I just wanted to talk. She made it comfortable for me to ask questions and get a more in-depth understanding of the industry. She took the things I was able to catch onto quickly and built on them, and then took her time explaining some other aspects to understanding. It was like she became my friend when I needed. She truly cared about my success, and wanted to see me progress. 


    Before this experience, I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do in life. I was a student-athlete and thought sports were going to be my entire life -- ignorant to the realities of life. When I first started working for her, I was battling an ACL injury and thought I had hit rock bottom; I thought that was it for me. But daily, she assured me that it wasn't over, that it was an uphill battle and that it would get better. She continuously kept me in high spirits, which spoke more to her character than to her career.  As a result, she's made me want to become an SID in my future!

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