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The Impact of Twitter Chats

January 25, 2017

Before August 2016, I had no idea that Twitter chats were a thing, let alone that there were specific chats that existed for those who worked or wanted to work in the sports industry. I was on Twitter one night and stumbled upon #scachat after discovering this chat, I not only followed along but participated and the rest was history.


In all seriousness though, stumbling upon #scachat was a great thing that has had a huge impact on my life. It led me to participating in other chats (#mnmchat, #social4tixsales & #smsportschat to name a few), which in part led me to co-creating #YPSportsChat. Unlike the other chats where I felt like I couldn’t fully participate based on the topic and questions that were asked, I wanted a chat for students and those just beginning their sports careers. It would be a chat that everyone, no matter their experience could share their thoughts and opinions and truly feel like they were contributing to the conversation. Networking amongst peers was another benefit I wanted the chat to have.


With the chat about 10 months old now, I couldn’t have imagined how far its come in such a short time. For a while, it was trending weekly in the top 50 in the United States and has recently started trending again. That’s crazy to me that this chat is trending not just in a region of the country, but in the entire U.S. That’s a neat fact, but that’s not my favorite fact about the chat. The best part of the chat for me is the community it’s created and built.


The community is what makes this chat so successful and helpful to the participants. This community is made up of people who work in college and pro sports. They work in different departments/areas of their respected league/team. The relationships and more specifically friendships that I’ve seen start from this chat whether my own or others, makes me so glad I’ve played a small part in establishing this community.  I knew I’d make relationships through the chat but I’m surprised with how many of those relationships have turned into really great friendships. These friendships are with people I’ve never met in person or only met in person a few times, which is crazy to think about. I know that I can call/text/tweet/email any of these people with industry related questions or just to talk and have someone who’s able to help me.


The impact of twitter chats isn’t just the value of learning from others but the network and more importantly the friends you’re able to make in the industry without ever meeting in person.



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