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Dancing Shoes

March 17, 2017

At the conclusion of my women’s basketball season I posted the picture below on my Facebook page.



As the season rolled on I took a picture of my shoes on each court I went to. My travels this season, stretched between two schools, took me to 17 different arenas in 11 different states. One of the reasons I love my job is because it allows me to see parts of the country I’ve never imagined.


I knew at the beginning of the season I wanted to find a way to document the places work takes me. Yeah, like any “millennial” I post pictures on Instagram but I wanted to be more creative than that. So I started taking a pictures of my feet on the different courts.


When I posted the picture, it sparked a conversation about my shoe collection. I’m ALWAYS in heels at basketball games. Now, outside of basketball season it’s rare to see me strutting around campus in heels. But for whatever reason, during basketball season I can run around in heels for a 10-hour day and it doesn’t even phase me anymore.


I wanted to share some insight to others on how I handle the long days in heels like a champ.


You MUST be Able to Walk in Them

I wear all different types of heels; stiletto, open toe, chunky heel, you name it! People always ask me how I walk in them and I always answer that practice makes perfect just like anything else in life. When I am buying a new pair of shoes I spend the longest time walking around the store in them, the employees always thing I am crazy but it’s important.


Comfort is Key

When I get a new pair of heels, the first thing I do is put on a pair of thick fuzzy socks and wear my heels around my house for a minimum of three hours. The next thing I do is fill two Ziploc bags (sandwich size) with water and place them in my shoes and put the shoes in the freezer overnight. In the morning I let the shoes thaw out and my heels are broken in!


Tape your Toes

This only works with closed-toe shoes, obviously. If you feel discomfort on the balls of your foot after a long day in heels or from the moment you put them on, tape your third and fourth toes together. The nerve in those toes is a pressure point for the ball of your foot and it helps alleviate the strain by balancing the weight in your foot. This actually works, it’s not something you just read on a silly Buzzfeed article.


Be Daring

Don’t be afraid to step (LOL pun totally intended) outside of your comfort zone. As long as you are comfortable and can walk in them, why not get those heels you’ve been eying? Earlier this week I bought a pair of periwinkle pumps that had a tie around ankle strap. They are SO outside of my plain comfort zone with heels but I when I broke them out for the first time with a simple all gray outfit I had tons of compliments. I loved them so much (and the compliments) that I went and got a pair in black too!


Always be Prepared

Accidents happen and you can never know what will happen when you are walking around in heels. For this reason, I keep a pair of flats or strappy sandals under my desk (and in my backpack when I’m on the road) in case I have to walk through a grass field, up a hill or my heel breaks, which totally happened to me a few weeks ago with my favorite suede black pumps!


Don’t Break the Bank if you Don’t Have to

Believe it or not, I don’t own a pair of heels that cost more than $40. I do this for two reasons. The first is because I buy so many shoes I would be broke. The second is if they break or get damaged, you won’t be torn if you have to throw them out. Before I really knew how to walk in heels I had broken almost every heel tip off that the nail in my stilettos. Save your money for those shoe repairs if you ever need them!


Now that my basketball season is over you can catch me in flats and sandals except for random occasions. My feet love me again.

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