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Celebrating One Year

June 7, 2017

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of our Sparkles and Sports blog debut. Can you believe it's already been a year?


When we set out on this journey, our aim was to explore what it takes to break through the metaphorical glass ceiling and aid women like ourselves along the way. In that time, we've each experienced hardships both personally and professionally, but we've never wavered in our dedication to this project. 


The amount of support we've received throughout the past year has been incredible, and we are so thankful for each and every person that we've touched on this journey. 


To our contributors: thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to answer our questions and share your thoughts; but most importantly, thank you for trusting us tell your story. Without you, Sparkles and Sports would lack the perspectives and experiences that we ourselves can not provide. 


To our readers: thank your for being open-minded and for listening to what we have to say. We began this blog with you in mind, and we hope we have served you well during the last year. Our readers and subscribers give us constant hope for the future of sports, and for that, we are extremely thankful.


To our families and friends: thank you for your constant support. As you know, our jobs are already demanding in both time and effort, but you've always supported this venture and all that we do. Everyone needs a support system, and ours are some of the best.


Words truly cannot express the gratitude we feel to all of our supporters. We are just as excited about this project now as when it began, and we're looking forward to all that year two has to offer!

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