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Sports Style File

October 6, 2017

If you’re a woman working in sports you’re very familiar with polos. Chances are you get 5-6 new polos a year. Chances are you usually pair polos with khakis. Why is the polo khaki combo so prominent? It works for men who don’t typically care about style, but why do we as women follow suit? If you’re looking to diversify your wardrobe you’ve come to the right place.


Working outside in the dead of a Georgia summer ain’t no joke. While skirts aren’t the most practical for every position, I swear by them. You get a nice breeze plus it’s easier to find appropriate lengthed stylish skirts than shorts. My personal favorite polo-skirt pairing is with  JCrew linen/wool skirts. They aren’t snug and they have pockets!


These pair well with sandals, boat shoes and flats.





They’re also easy to winterize, just add tights and boots!


My next favorite way to sport a polo is with a maxi skirt. I love this pairing when it starts to cool off a little in the fall. My one recommendation is to make sure there is at least one slit in the skirt.


Skirts aren’t practical for every job in sports though. So how do you step up your polo game with pants?


My go-to choice in pants are Old Navy Pixie Chinos. The come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. ON makes pixie pants in a stretchier material but I prefer the Chinos. They won’t lose their elasticity as games go into extra innings or overtime, plus they are more durable in the wash. Pants are the most versatile when it comes to shoes. You can wear flats, sandals, boat shoes, heels, tennis shoes and even tuck these into boots in the fall!




If you’re feeling adventurous I would recommend trying out a polo with wide leg pants. Wide legs pants are fun and masculine with an air of femininity about them. The trousers with a bow tie are flirty and show off a woman’s natural waist!




Just because you have to wear a polo doesn’t mean you need to be plain. Spice it up and give yourself that extra bit of confidence!


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