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Response to Cam Newton

October 10, 2017

I rolled my eyes at Cam Newton's horrible attempt at a joke last Wednesday at his Carolina Panthers press conference when responding to Jourdan Rodrigue's question.


I loved her response later on Twitter. His comments weren't going to stop her from doing her job.


Sadly, he wasn't the first and definitely, which is probably even more sad, won't be the last person will make a comment about females covering or just being a fan of sports. Or a female in a seemingly male-dominated segment of an industry.


But there is still time, with purposeful effort from all, to change the way sexism in the workplace is handled no matter the industry. Women in sports isn't the only segment that is facing this issue on a daily basis.


It starts with me. I understand my daily impact working with student-athletes and student workers in the office. I need to show both male and females are treated with the same respect as well as encourage all to participate in the same activities that will help them grow as a person and professionally.


I have always worked for men in different athletics communications offices. Most have been helpful in my career. In the past, I would use the belittling side comments of the not-so-supportive ones as motivation to prove them wrong. It wasn't a happy method of improving myself and dragged my natural confidence in myself down.


A recent male supervisor let me flourish in my role to help the communications staff. He had my back when other men in the industry tried to belittle me and brush aside my experience because I wasn't male. I will never forget the time I worked alongside him. I will never forget the way his confidence in me made me felt.


And I want to be sure to pass that along to others in the industry I work with, male or female.


Cam said it himself. Let's be better than him.


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