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A Letter to Myself: Dear 22-Year Old Anastasia

March 30, 2018

Dear Newly-Employed Anastasia,


Hey girl, it’s me - I mean, you, but the 25-year-old version. Congrats on your first full-time job! You think your life is exciting now? Believe it or not, it gets even better. No joke. But, it gets worse before it gets better. Sorry.


Back to the job; it’s a dream come true having an office in Allen Fieldhouse. It’s crazy to think it only took you about a year after graduation to land a full-time job in the sports industry! That is an accomplishment to be celebrated, and not everyone gets that lucky.


As you begin to pack up your life, know it won’t be the last. This is going to be a very hard move for you, but I promise, it gets easier. Also, your boyfriend and best friend from high school will each drive four hours to spend one last night with you before you move across the country. This job and this move will strengthen these relationships. But not every friendship will make it through this move. More on that later.


You really took advantage of all that college had to offer and made Norfolk your home. The good news is eventually Kansas becomes your home, too. Your new job doesn’t require you to work as many sporting events as your position at ODU. This is awesome because you can join a rugby team again! The rugby girls at KU become your second family and let me tell you, you need them. You also continue your walk in faith in Kansas. You find a great church and volunteer, thinking you’re going to be working the coffee station and end up running their social media and assisting with graphic design and email marketing. This may seem like a small thing, but it’s really a big thing.



Starting your first full-time big girl job is so exciting, but your entire life is still out on the East Coast. Your family, boyfriend, friends… and you feel it while you’re in Kansas. It’s crazy because you are such a strong, happy-go-lucky person, but Kansas is a really low point in your life. You’re going to be making lots of late night phone calls in tears. Lots. You have panic and anxiety attacks. I’m not going to sugar coat this: it’s awful. Just know that you will get through this. Jett and your family will be there for you. They are seriously amazing.


Hey again, welcome to that “later” part. You know the two people you were torn about who would be your eventual Maid-of-Honor? Well, when the time comes that you get engaged (YAY!) you no longer have this struggle. One of your friendships won’t survive the move to Kansas. You won’t even bother inviting her to the wedding. While you’re in Kansas, you constantly struggle with this relationship, or lack thereof. But eventually you move beyond it and focus on the good relationships you do have.


I also haven’t told you yet how proud I am of you asking for a higher salary for this KU job. I know you don’t get it, but when you leave KU for your next job, you try it again. This time with a little more success (read about how did it here). Speaking of, you have TWO job offers when you’re ready to leave KU! Kudos, girl!


But that’s in the future, not now. Right now, you are about to make your way to the Mecca of college basketball. You are going to witness every home basketball game for the 2016-2017 season and it will blow your mind. You are going to be in an all-staff meeting across from Bill Self wearing a plaid flannel shirt.


Your dreams, they come true. All of them. And I can tell you this at age 25. So enjoy the road, it’s all worth it and going to work out in the end. The best is truly yet to come!



A slightly older, supposedly more adult, you.




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