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Spring Cleaning Pep Talk

May 10, 2018


It’s spring! Woohoo! Sunshine, warmer weather, spring sports… and cleaning, decluttering, organizing. I know the latter isn’t everyone’s favorite pastime, but living the fast-paced life of working in sports, it is a necessity.


When you work 12-hour days or are constantly on the road, it gets hard to do it all. Things fall through the cracks; that’s just a given. During the new year, a lot of people hit the reset the button. But if that was you, or if it wasn’t, spring is a second chance. Get your life together now before you hit 100 miles per hour and can’t slow down without crashing.


If you need a spring cleaning pep talk, listen up.


Stop it with the sticky notes. If the decor around your desk consists of neon squares, this is your intervention. A few months ago I moved my sticky notes to I can create multiple boards and lists within those boards. I can archive things, prioritize them and best of all, access this information from anywhere. Stop wasting paper and time. Put it online.


Do you have a drawer full of business cards? Evernote is the answer. Simply download the app and snap a picture of a business card, and it pulls that person’s information off the card into a contact for you! Plus, it will even let you know if they have a LinkedIn for networking made easy!


Do you ever forget a meeting or accidently double-book yourself? Make use of the calendar attached to your email! If somebody emails me about a meeting, I immediately send them back a meeting request in order to lock it into my schedule.


Here’s an Outlook tip: use the “Tasks” bar. When you get an email that elicits a response, right click it and select the flag labeled “Follow Up.” Put it on your To-Do list for today, tomorrow, whenever. You will never not respond to an email if you get into the habit of doing this!


Have you ever debated sending an email after hours? Working in sports, most of us are available by email 24/7 and often seem to be working every second of that time. When communicating with those outside of my regular office, I often find myself using delayed delivery for emails after hours. It’s super simple and makes me appear like less of a workaholic. Once you’ve crafted your email, click “Options” and simply click “Delay Delivery!”


I hope at least one of these tips saves you a few minutes each day and makes your life a little easier!


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