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Weird in a World That's Not

May 14, 2018


Everyone reading a self-help book is looking for something: advice, validation, encouragement. For me, Weird in a World That’s Not by Jennifer Romolini provided all of that and more.


Jennifer Romolini’s meteoric rise to where she is now, the chief content officer at Shondaland, was anything from circuitous. After a series of struggles and missteps, she started on her current career path at the age of 27 and throughout the book, weaves in personal experiences to punctuate her points. Did you word vomit while talking to a supervisor? Did you wear something totally inappropriate in a business setting? Don’t worry about it. Chances are, Jennifer has a story to tell about a time she’s done something similar, and will both make you feel alright about what happened and give you advice on how to handle a similar situation next time.


A self-described misfit, Jennifer provides practical advice for women in all industries that, she says, looks to assuage the anxiety all women feel around the workplace. For those of us who aren’t the most socially adept, she doles out keen advice on how to navigate networking, deal with inter-office politics, know when - and how - to leave your job, learn how to be a supervisor, and all the while remain true to yourself while succeeding in the world.

Grab the book here on Amazon or check out this awesome interview with Jennifer in Elle.

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