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Year of Yes

May 29, 2018

When I embarked on the journey of the Sparkling Podcast, I had no idea how difficult it would be to find books by female authors. (P.S. - New episodes coming soon, I promise!) However, when I saw that the creator of one of my favorite shows, Scandal, wrote a book about overcoming her fears with a year-long challenge, I jumped at it. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes is one of the best books I’ve ever read.


Rhimes is a single mother of three adopted children, and she’s one of the most accomplished professional women in the television industry. But my favorite aspect of her story is her “hum,” which is how she describes her love and passion for her work. In the video below, she explains her “hum” and how it’s made her better in the long run. As a fellow workaholic and introvert, Rhimes inspires me daily, and I hope this video -- as well as her book -- speak to you, as well.




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