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Miscellaneous Monday

June 4, 2018


Working in sports is a grind. There is no doubt about that. Some days you can’t catch five minutes to eat lunch and some days you are in a rush to get to work early you forget to put on deodorant. Listen, no one wants to be the smelly kid, right? And then there are the days you get to go to lunch (mmm pizza perhaps?) but you leave smelling like garlic and it’s not something a stick of gum can cover up.


I have a few fears in life; one is being stuck somewhere without a clean pair of underwear. I don’t know why or how I developed this fear but when I travel for work I pack double the amount of underwear for days I will be away. It’s this fear in the back of my head that if something were to happen, natural disaster, terror threat, anything really, that I NEED to have a fresh pair of underwear. Sorry I just rambled about underwear but I need to explain this fear before I move on.


So because of our hectic schedules and whatnot I have a drawer in my desk that I keep a variety of miscellaneous items that I decided to share with you. I am a firm believe every lady in the sports biz needs one of these desks.


SIDE NOTE: If you don’t have your own desk keep a makeup or travel bag in your car/purse with these items.


The Essentials


The essentials are the top five items I think every female should keep in her desk regardless if you have strange fears like me or not.

  1. Deodorant – You don’t want to be smelly from running around, or sometimes you forget.

  2. Granola Bars/Meal Bars – No one likes when you are hangry.

  3. Gum/Chocolate/candy – I always have jelly beans because those are my go-too.

  4. Mascara/Lip gloss – This goes a long way when you need a quick touchup.  

  5. Tampons/Pads – YOU NEVER KNOW!




I call the add-ons the items that aren’t necessary for survival but are good to have just in case

  1. A 20$ bill – I think this is the old school Italian in me but I keep spare 20$ hidden everywhere in case of emergency.

  2. Toothbrush/Toothpaste – This is for the garlic lunches or if you have a long day and need to feel fresh and clean after a big lunch

  3. Hand lotion – I don’t know about you but Syracuse has very dry wintery air and my hands get chapped. So I keep hand lotion on deck at all times to help

  4. Change of shoes – Not in my desk but under. I keep a pair of slides under my desk for comfort around my office

  5. Flatware – Yep. I keep a fork, knife and spoon in my desk. Nothing is worse than sitting down to eat (when you get the chance) and not being able to find a utensil!

Bonus Items


Bonus Items are just some of my personal necessities that you may have never thought of before

  1. Spare underwear – I already explained why.

  2. A jacket/cardigan – Temperatures change and there is nothing worse than being cold in the office when you are trying to be productive

  3. Extra pants/socks/shirt – Spill on yourself at lunch and no time to change? No worries you have that handy shirt in your drawer or on the back of your door hanging up. Also – no one likes wet socks from stepping in a puddle or standing outside in the rain for practice.

  4. Salt and pepper – For when you bring lunch and it is just kind of bland

  5. Grooming kit – I keep a nail file, clippers and a tweezer in my desk drawer. Nothing worse than a hangnail! Ugh!


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