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Timing Your Priorities

June 18, 2018


There are only so many hours in a day. I’m sure by now you’ve heard the key to time management is to prioritize. But have you ever really thought about it?


Sure, you’ve ranked your obligations or time commitments. But have you actually allocated the appropriate time to them? If something is ranked number one, you should be giving it five times more attention than what you ranked number five… or something like that.


I played sports in high school, college and even post grad. It’s hard playing sports working in sports though. When I moved to Georgia last year I knew I wanted to keep active despite my job but had been having a hard time finding time to do so.


My problem was thinking I needed to commit more time to working out than necessary.


In October, I started running more frequently and after keeping up with it through the holidays, decided I wanted to commit to something I’ve been calling “365 miles in 365 days.” Seems super doable, right? Anyone could take 7-12 minutes and run one mile every day. Now, I don’t technically run a mile a day; typically it’s three to four miles every few days. The point is, being active wasn’t number one on my to-do list, or even in the top three. But in my mind, I kept thinking I needed to dedicate more than I really did and it stopped me from actually getting active.


Look at your list of priorities and then compare it to your weekly calendar, do they match?


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