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It's professional-not personal

July 16, 2018

 If you’re anything like me you take pride in your work. You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into something and you are proud of it! As you damn well should be, amiright?!


When I was just getting started in this industry, I was used to taking constructive criticism, I because I was still learning. But I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older it gets a little bit harder. I’m still learning (as everyone should be) but there’s also a good bit of stuff I know a lot about. So when people challenge me on things in the workplace, sometimes it gets frustrating.


I’m still a work in progress at this, but I’ve realized I need to stop taking things so personally. I’ve had instances where I walked away from a conversation that didn’t go anywhere and felt “attacked” by a coworker and therefore was awkward during our next interaction because I couldn’t get over the previous situation.


I am learning that when people make comments about my work, it’s my about work - not my character or who I am as a person. It’s hard to grasp this concept because I feel we often define ourselves by our work in this industry, especially in the social and design realms of sport.


Next time you get feedback and start to put the fence up, remind yourself that the feedback is merely related to your work. Take a breath. Step outside of the situation. You can accomplish more with a subjective view. You will be more open to feedback and your co-worker will be able to better express themselves. Plus, when you see them later you won’t be harboring any feelings of resentment you may have had if you took the conversation personally.


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