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Bubble-Hopping: Learning to Break Out of Your Loop

July 23, 2018

 For many of us, routines provide a much-needed structure to maintain our sanity. Taking on side hustles in addition to a demanding career can be a double-edged sword, creating both growth and exhaustion. Having a set routine to follow helps to manage those duties.


However, when we stay in our “loops” -- going to the same coffee shop, interacting with the same people at work, doing the same exercises at the gym -- we miss out an entire world of new experiences outside of that loop. The structure of our lives determines what happens in it, and without deviating at all from our set structure, we experience the same thing over and over.


One of my favorite podcasts, Invisibilia, explores what can happen when we break free from our bubbles and venture into unfamiliar territory. The story follows a tech guru who actually built himself an app that would choose his routine for him, leaving parts of his day completely up to an algorithm. The results? He found that when he randomized his life, he not only became more interesting as a person, but he was happier than he had ever been.


Listen to the full episode here.


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