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Motion Array

July 30, 2018

 When I was hired at The Bishop’s School in November, I assumed all duties related to new media: graphics, video, web design, etc. For me, it wasn’t a problem as I came into the position with video editing experience. When I was at Penn State, I’d edit highlight videos for men’s lacrosse and produce fun videos for the women’s hockey team. But once I started at SDSU, I fell out of practice, and it’d been almost two years since I put together something cool. That’s where Motion Array comes in. 


Motion Array has been an absolutely invaluable tool for me. It’s a must-have for anyone in a digital role who’s doing the work of more than one person. The website has templates and presets for After Effects and Premiere Pro, stock motion graphic and video footage, sound effects, royalty-free music and a ton of tutorials. You can also submit requests for a variety of tools and create a portfolio from the work you’ve created. The best part? Motion Array has a pretty hefty selection of free downloads. 


Check it out here

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