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Miscellaneous To-Dos for a New Year

August 6, 2018

For those in college athletics counting the *dwindling* days before students return and games begin, let me just say that I feel you.


Before the first whistle blows and the game notes are printed, I wanted to quickly share my top five tips to better prepare you for the year.


  1. Schedule time off in advance and stick to it. Even if it’s just one Monday a month, a day off can recharge your batteries like no other. Plus, mental health is important and you’ll be more willing to stick to something if it’s in your calendar. Use your sick days, boo boo!

  2. Organize your computer. It’s time-consuming and a little embarrassing to go through and re-organize your files, but clearing space off your computer and getting organized will make things smoother moving forward. Don’t believe me? Ask your IT people.

  3. Get your health and fitness into check. Building good habits now will make a workout plan or a diet easier to stick to during a busy season. Better health also leads to higher focus and better sleep, which we all know is important!

  4. Get ahead. Winter and spring seasons might seem far away, but if you have time to prepare anything for those upcoming seasons, take advantage! Getting out ahead of some of those pesky to-dos will definitely make things easier come crossover season.

  5. Get excited. The hours are about to get longer and the real work is about to begin, which might seem stressful and overwhelming. However, it’s important to remember that you work in college athletics because you love college sports! Things are about to get busy but that’s a good thing, so stay positive.


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