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God's Purpose

August 20, 2018

 You often see athletes speak openly about their faith, but it’s not so common for those of us who work in athletics. At a college, it’s a little hard. There’s that separation of church and state. In professional sports it can be challenging too. You are representing a company and brand that is much larger than yourself and often people associate your individual views with those of the brand. Last week, I stumbled upon this article by Christina Hovestadt where she elaborates on her faith in the impact it has had on her professional career. I don’t think I’ve ever shared anything so fast. Read it here.


“God does not need another skilled professional or talented person in a position; He needs a heart fully surrendered to Him that will be committed to walking in purpose to bring Him glory.”


I love Christina’s perspective here, that God doesn’t need another skilled or talented person. He needs someone who is committed and passionate. I feel that this so strongly aligns with our jobs. It’s very common for people to have the same skills. You can learn skills. Very rarely though do people have the same passions. If you want to get ahead in life, define your passions and pursue them.


“God chooses to elevate and promote those that are pure in heart, not those who merely have a solid skill set.”


Are you trying to climb the ladder? Are you searching for the next challenge? You’re going to need more than just a solid foundation of skills to get there. You’re going to need a little extra something to seperate yourself from the pack. What is that? Your faith? Your leadership? Your passion? Make sure you’re utilizing whatever it is to your advantage.


“God will make sure your path crosses with absolutely every person you need to meet so you can fulfill a greater purpose for Him.”


This comment resonated so well with me. A few years ago I was working a sales job. I wasn’t where I wanted to be professionally and I knew that. I was questioning whether or not I really belonged in social media. I joined a church in Kansas and wanted to get more involved. At my old church in Virginia, I worked on the coffee team. It wasn’t much but it really helped me connect with people in the church. I figured that's what I would at my new church in Kansas, so you can imagine my surprise when they called me back following my volunteer inquiry and asked if I would be interested in running social. That’s when I realized that my gift was from God and he had a higher purpose in mind for me.


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