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Morning Motivation from Ladders

August 27, 2018

For many of us, two essential activities easily get pushed aside because of lack of time: sleep and professional development. Taxing careers drain our energy reserves and draw our finger to the snooze button every morning, while jam-packed schedules leave little-to-no time for professional growth opportunities. In today’s world of quick-and-easy solutions, let me offer one that may ease some pain with both of these problems.


We’ve talked about tools to jumpstart your day before, and Morning Motivation from Ladders is another automated option to help kick off each day on a high note. Every weekday morning, the Ladders bot will send you a short message through Facebook Messenger; it could be career advice, a motivational quote, or something as simple as a silly GIF. These messages attach a blog post from Ladders, with topics ranging from productivity to career counseling.

Learn more about Morning Motivation from Ladders, or get started here

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