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Tips from Hiring Managers Part 2

September 13, 2018

A few weeks ago, we took you through tips for applying for jobs from cover letters to resumes. This week, we move to the interview process and beyond. Our staff has several hiring managers or individuals who have been involved in search committees, and are offering advice and tips from the application process through interviews.


To view Part 1 of this post, take a look at Tips from Hiring Managers.


Tips for phone or video interviews

  • Be sure to have a good setting for the interview. Position yourself in a clean, clear and distraction-free setting if possible. Speak clearly and test the location for good service so you don’t deal with dropped calls.

  • In case you miss a phone call, have a professional voicemail greeting and ensure you have room remaining in your voicemail box for additional messages. You don’t want to miss opportunities because of a lack of preparation.

  • Dress for a video interview as you would for an in-person interview. Give yourself the best foot forward and present yourself professionally in every way.


Tips for an in-person interview

  • Dress professionally but be comfortable/confident in what you wear. Again, present yourself professionally, but be sure you aren’t putting yourself at a disadvantage with uncomfortable shoes, clothes that don’t fit right, etc.

  • Bring hard copies of your resume or portfolio and business cards if applicable. This shows you are prepared for the interview and allows the search committee to review your materials during your interview.

  • Be confident and know how to articulate your abilities and experience without being cocky. Know you’ve got the skills for the job and present those skills to the potential employer, but don’t oversell yourself to the point the committee is tired of you when you leave campus.

  • Make sure to have questions prepared for your interviewers. This shows you are invested and interested in the company and the position.


Tips following the interview

  • Follow up with an email/any additional components the hiring manager has requested. It’s possible that during the interview process, additional information was requested from the company or interviewers so be prompt in sending that along. A follow-up email does not need to be long and detailed, but if you can personalize it to conversations that you had with specific individuals, that shows your attention to detail and that you were focused in your conversations on campus.

  • Be honest through the process. If you’re offered a position, but need more time to weigh your options or are in another job search, be honest. The more transparent you can be in the process, the better in earning a potential employer’s trust.


If you get the job, congratulations! If you don’t, keep moving forward and keep your head up. Use these tips to help you through your next job application and happy searching!


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