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Why Not Now

November 12, 2018


What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Why Not Now?”


How would you answer that question?


When I first came across Amy Jo Martin’s ‘Why Not Now?’ podcast, I knew of her via Twitter. She is the person that started to harness Shaq’s personality on Twitter. She’s written a book and started and closed her own business.  We’ve even chatted on Instagram about knitting.


The ‘Why Not Now?’ podcast has well over 100 episodes, as Amy Jo speaks with all sorts of people like Mark Cuban, Gabby Reece, Kate Fagan, her mentor Suzy Batiz (founder of PooPourri), Dr. Jen Welter and so many more about their ‘Why Not Now?’ moment.


The podcast comes out every Monday. Recently, she spoke to Jen Sincero the author of ‘You Are A Badass’ (I highly recommend reading this book!) as well as with her mentor Batiz about the importance of both sides of the mentorship relationship.


You can subscribe to her podcast on itunes or find the newest episodes on her website.


Have any podcasts that you would recommend? Let us know! Comment down below or tweet us at @SparklesSports!

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