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Jason Shen's Talk on Job Hunting

December 3, 2018

Despite graduating with not one, but two degrees in biology, Jason Shen is not a doctor or a scientist. At the time of this Ted Talk, he was a product manager at Etsy, though his college degrees did not lead him there.


In this short Ted Talk, Shen states that because of advances in technology, “we should all be expecting to do jobs we’ve never done before for the rest of our careers.” Shen points out that ever-changing technology may limit our career opportunities in some areas, but increase opportunities in others. As I’ve thought about my future and what position I’d like to hold, this idea has crossed my mind a few times. I think to myself, “what if my dream job doesn’t exist yet?”


Shen offers the following tips to hiring managers, which I think job-hunters should take into account.

  1. Expand your search

  2. Hire for performance

  3. Get the bigger picture


Getting a job in sports often requires experience, and the same can be said for moving up the ladder; hiring managers want to know how your experience can benefit the current team/school/company/etc. But what if we changed our thinking? What if we looked beyond experience and hired people because they are different and don’t quite fit the mold? Seems like something worth thinking about…






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