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The Breakdown of Goals

December 17, 2018


It seems easy to set a goal, but sometimes we set goals that are unattainable or that we have no intention of following through with. In Gary Keller’s book, The One Thing, he goes over Goal Setting to the NOW!


Around this time last year, I restarted a regular workout routine. I told myself that if I was able to keep a semi-consistent schedule, I would try to make some crazy goal for the next year. I ended up running consistently through a trip to Punta Cana, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So come New Year’s Day, I told myself I was going to run 365 miles in 365 days during 2018. It sounded like a lot, but it broke down to one mile per day. I never intended to run one mile every day -- realistically, I figured I would run a couple miles every couple of days. I made up this 365 in 365 because it was easy to break down and seemed attainable. As of December 17th, I have run 323 of 365 miles. I’m a little behind, but I’m honestly not even worried about it. That’s about 200 more miles than I ran last year.


So, do you have a someday goal? A big dream? Something you’ve always imagined doing? In order to achieve that goal someday, you’ve got to start today. Check out this chart from Keller.




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