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17 Essential Qualities

January 7, 2019

As you’ve seen in several posts from our Sparkles and Sports staff, we are avid readers and love sharing a good book with you. If you’ve never read any by John C. Maxwell, I strongly encourage you to pick up one. You’re bound to take away some principles that will apply to you, no matter where your path has led. The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player was the first Maxwell book I’ve read but it certainly won’t be the last. This book encourages, invigorates, and pushes you to excel in your environment.


Because I am trying to encourage you to read the book for yourself, I won’t give away all 17 qualities, but here are a few that stuck out to me:

  • Collaborative: Working Together Precedes Winning Together

  • Enlarging: Adding Value to Teammates is Invaluable

  • Intentional: Make Every Action Count

This book is packed with valuable content and while these are all principles you may have pondered, Maxwell does a great job providing you with a breakdown of “fleshing it out.” That is the term Maxwell uses to list off practical application processes for implementation of each quality. Maxwell’s style provides you with a story to give the quality life, then practical application and a quick take-away to end with a strong, lasting statement.


I took my time going through this book to really grasp the concepts and implement them in my office. I read one chapter a day, though not every day, and even went back to refocus on some areas when an event occurred that brought me back to that quality.


This was a great read to cap off 2018 and begin looking forward to new goals in 2019. Whether you’re the boss and looking to find new ways to motivate your team, or a team member looking to further your contributions to your organization in the new year, give this book a look when you get a chance and become a better team player in the new year.


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