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Must-Have Tech: Sporfie

January 17, 2019

Do you work in the minor leagues or at a small school/conference? Is your staff and access to technology limited? This article is for you! Sporfie is an app that I discovered while working for the Atlanta Gladiators, an ECHL team, and brought over to my full-time job with the Gwinnett Stripers last season. Through the use of iPhones, a device similar to an Apple TV, a Bluetooth enabled clicker and the Sporfie app, I was able to post high-quality highlights in real time to our social channels.


Once hockey was over and it was time for me to prepare for the 2018 baseball season I knew I needed to get in contact with Sporfie. They had provided all the ECHL teams with iPhones, battery packs and tripods to test the Sporfie technology. I reached out to Sporfie on Twitter and soon after hopped on a call and got all the gadgets sent over to the Stripers at no cost to us.


The Sporfie app is free and you can connect any iPhone to it as a camera. All you have to do is let the camera roll. Then, using another iPhone or a Bluetooth enabled button, you click and Sporfie will backtrack your footage to a timeframe you determine, say 5 seconds, and then capture footage for a set time forward, say 25 seconds. So you would then have a 30-second video you can download to your phone, trim and post to social media. If you use footage captured from the iPhone, it will capture sound if you enable the microphone. Now, what about that device similar to an Apple TV? Well, if you have a live stream, you basically insert it into the connection and it will pull that footage too. We have an MiLB TV broadcast that captures multiple camera angles and overlays a scorebug onto the footage.


Here is an example of footage captured with #SporfieMoments on the Apple TV device thing.


Here is an example of footage captured with an iPhone and the Sporfie app.


Additionally, you can see in the first example that we have a Marathon logo overlayed onto our footage. That’s how you and Sporfie can make money. You can see the retweets, likes, and comments on those posts. People love highlights, and you have the option to add a sponsor logo to the highlights. Sporfie does charge for that, but you also can make great money and great content at the same time!


This technology is perfect for a one woman or one man show. You just need a few minutes every day to set up/take down the iPhones and tripods, or if you have a live stream to tap into there is no daily set up required!

Connect with Sporfie on Twitter at @SporfieMoments and #SporfieMoments or email Sami Karoui at and tell him Anastasia from the Gwinnett Stripers sent you!


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