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Year of Money

January 21, 2019

A personal goal is to become more comfortable with money. This has been something I have been working towards for the past few years. Despite this, the words money, finances, savings, credit, debt and loans all still cause me anxiety.


If you recognize the feeling, I have a few recommendations.


First, I recommend reading Jen Sincero’s second book “You are a Badass at Making Money.” It helps you have more of a financial stable ground. Building off her first “Badass” book, Sincero helps you work through why you have anxiety about money, helps you figure out different avenues of making money and extending your personal wealth, all around her personal essays of how she worked through the same process.


The book that helped me to clearly become informed about my anxiety was “The Financial Diet” by Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage. This book built on Sincero’s book for me, but they broke down financial terms in a straightforward and practical ways with more real-world examples. I highly recommend checking the book out or visiting their website to read on specialized topics.  


The podcast Nerdette by WBEZ provides an introduction into what steps you can take to get a better handle on the aforementioned blood-pressure spiking words. Their January 11 episode is aptly named “How to Get More Money,” but they chat about how to get your financial life in order.


Once I was informed on the alphabet soup of scary words in bitesize terms, I became more comfortable when reading financial statements, the fine print when I was deciding on loans or when it came to making decision for larger down-the-road purchases, like homes or traveling.


Plus, chatting about finances with a trusted friend has helped too. I can track where and what I spend my income on (so much coffee and student loans), but stating out loud that I need to “drink coffee from home four times this week and save $20” has helped greatly.


What are some financial topics you are wondering about?


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