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Does What You Wear Matter?

February 25, 2019

Recently, I have gotten into podcasts. When I started getting into them, I naturally gravitated towards Rachel Hollis’ Rise podcast because she is someone I really admire and model myself after. Her podcast is all about self-improvement and being the best you possible. She’s just so raw when she speaks and I appreciate that. Not to mention, she’s a total bada**.


I ended up finding an earlier episode with the CEO and founder of The Well Dressed Brand Toi Sweeney called, “Does What You Wear Really Matter? The Psychology of Dressing Well.”


Toi is a professional stylist that says, “You are a brand. Your superpower is your product. Your clothing is your packaging. That packaging is one of the most visible ways to stand out from the rest. You need to be known for something or people will forget you quickly.”


She suggests that your personal wardrobe can equal professional success. She notes that women are emotional dressers and that if you lay your outfit out the night before, you make things easier on yourself because it cuts down on decision-making fatigue. Basically, as women, we are making decisions all day long, so this is one that you can cut out. She blew my mind with this statement: “What you broadcast is what people perceive.”


I won’t give away the whole podcast, but it definitely makes you think and is a great listen. It got me so fired up that I vowed to myself after basketball season is over I am going to “edit” my closet. I’m going to take Toi’s advice and imagine THE BEST version of myself. Things that don’t fit the message I’m broadcasting are getting in the way of that, so I will be getting rid of them.


It’s all about showing up for yourself and in 2019, we are in a state of needing to be the best version of us in every aspect. It all starts with how you package your brand.  


Spoiler alert: She has a book called “Secrets of a Well-Dressed Brand” and it’s been added to my reading list!

Give it a listen here.


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