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Screen Glasses

April 1, 2019

Okay,  y’all. I’m going to share something with you that I am wearing while typing this and has absolutely changed my life: screen glasses.


I follow a million bloggers to stay in the know on amazing and dupe products. A couple bloggers I follow kept talking about screen glasses they got off of Amazon.


From what I understand, screen glasses, or anti-blue light glasses, block the blue light coming off of your computer, in turn reducing things like eye strain, headaches and fatigue. The ones I got (off Amazon) aren’t prescription, just plain glasses with no strength that I wear when I have contacts in.


I struggle big time from headaches and I’m always tired but I never related this to my computer usage. So, of course, I used my parent’s Prime account and ordered a pair that were on my doorstep two days later.

Let me be very clear here: I AM NOT A SCIENTIST or anyone that studies glasses and computers and headache relationships. But I have been trying to wear my regular glasses some days and my contacts with screen glasses others and I can tell you what I have noticed:


  1. I am so much less tired when I go home from work when I wear my screen glasses.

  2. When I wear my regular glasses, I get headaches. Usually they start around lunch, and turn into migraines that I can’t get rid of, but can only sleep off. When I wear my screen glasses, this doesn’t happen at all.


This year is all about figuring myself out, taking care of and investing in myself. For me, spending $18 on these glasses to give them a try was absolutely worth it. Now, I have two different pairs, one that have a case and stay at work/travel with me, and a pair that I leave at home.


You can get my screen glasses here: work pair | home pair


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