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The Good News Network

July 8, 2019

During a recent conversation with my dad, he brought up a tweet that he saw that got him particularly fired up -- not in a let’s-do-this-thing kind of way, but more so in a that-really-boils-my-blood way. The topic of this tweet led us down the rabbit hole of discussing the negative nature of Twitter, social media, and these platforms’ knack for making our moods do a complete 180 at times. Whether you’re scrolling your news feed or skipping between actual news channels, dismal headlines and polarizing blurbs seem to be a dime a dozen.


If you’re already exhausted from today’s gloomy roundup, there may be an antidote for that -- The Good News Network. I came across this gem of a site last week, and boy was it the inspiration I needed.


With its archive of 21,000 positive news stories from around the globe, The Good News Network confirms what people already know—that good news itself is not in short supply; the broadcasting of it is. From reporting on good acts around the globe from corporations and individuals alike, to an entire section dedicated to feel-good animal stories, GNN is a much-needed daily dose of positivity amidst today’s barrage of negative news. A headline from last week reads “Poland Once Gave America A Birthday Card that Was Signed by 5.5 Million People.” If that doesn’t start to rebuild the foundation that once supported your faith in humanity, what will?


Try giving your brain (and your emotions) a break from the usual news cycle, and check out something a little more cheerful on The Good News Network.


PSA -- this isn’t an ad or a marketing ploy. We just think our readers deserve some good news today :) Cheers.


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