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Know Your Worth/ "No" Your Worth

July 18, 2019


I recently left my full time job to relocate with my active-duty military husband. Although I’ve known this was coming for a long time, it still wasn’t easy leaving my dream job. This is the first time I’ve been unemployed since I was 14 years old. I’ve held multiple jobs, often at once, for the past 12 years. Unemployment has been quite a shock to say the least.


Moving and all that comes with it is scary and expensive. Couple that with a one-income household and your stress is sure to skyrocket. The job search becomes serious quickly. Desperation settles in fast. But it’s important to know your worth. I’ve had plenty of interviews in the last few weeks. Some I felt really good about, and others gave me feelings of unease.


When I put my two weeks in at my previous job, I took to social media to announce I would soon be a free agent in hopes of leveraging my network for some job opportunities. I was overwhelmed at the amount of people who recommended me online and shared my skills and qualifications. One opportunity arose that I was especially excited about. An executive-level employee reached out to me and quickly pushed me through the interview process. I interviewed with that employee, HR, another employee, and finally the person who would be directly supervising the role I was applying for. 


At first, things were going great. The process was very quick but I hit a bump in the road during the final interview. Due to a few scheduling conflicts, my final interview was pushed back three times. The first few times, my interviewer reached out to reschedule. The third time around, I heard nothing and I reached out to reschedule. We narrowed down a new time, but come the interview, again, I heard nothing. As you can imagine I was pretty frustrated at this point. Eventually, I was contacted and the interview was conducted but at that point, I was no longer interested in working for the company.


I know unemployment can be scary and stressful. The pressure adds up quickly. But don’t diminish yourself or your abilities. When you are being interviewed for a company, you should also be interviewing them. Yes, ask questions about company culture and employee benefits. But also take note of red flags during the interview process. If an interview is being rescheduled numerous times, there is either a lack of priorities, disorganization, or something going on that should raise your suspicions. Know your worth and say “no” to opportunities that put a bad taste in your mouth.


What are some examples of red flags you’ve experienced during the hiring process? Share them in the comments below or on Twitter with us at @SparklesSports and @xoxAMM.


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