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Showcasing Your Success

July 23, 2019

Recently, I was talking with one of my friends and former colleagues when he told me that his position was being eliminated. Ouch. As unfortunate as his situation is, it’s not uncommon. Jobs are not always as secure as you may think. New management may come in and make changes, sports teams may uproot themselves and move. Something I learned early on in my career was to prepare for the unexpected and always be “passively job searching” as this 2018 Fobes article put it.


Aside from the tips included in the article, one thing I have done that has always attracted attention is to keep a current, online portfolio. I’m sure you’re thinking, keeping a portfolio is easy for someone in social/design- but it’s actually pretty easy for anyone to do.


Do you work in promotions? Include news articles regarding your theme night and giveaway successes. If those theme nights were selected because they resonate with your local fan base, explain that reasoning and how you came to that conclusion.


Are you in sponsorship/partnerships? Share examples of reports and pitches you generate for clients. Include testimonials from happy clients.


Are you a coach? Include motivational quotes and stories. Share examples of workouts or training sessions.


Another way to stay relevant in an industry is to share your thoughts. Be active on Twitter and LinkedIn. Share your successes and celebrate the success of others. Share articles and specifically articulate what stands out to you or how it is relevant to others in your industry.


“Passive job hunting is the smartest career move you can make... It will put you in control of your career, help you network and meet new people, confirm that you are in a good position and accelerate your career.”


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