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Keeping Girls in the Game After Puberty

July 29, 2019


We know there is much discussion around women that work in sports and the sustainability of that career. We also know that some women feel very strongly one way and some women feel very strongly another. 


But what we don’t discuss is the amount of young girls in the game and how that number is decreasing. A recent CNN article claims that after puberty (or around age 14) 51 percent of girls quit playing sports.


A female shot-put athlete says in the article that, “You have to be girly. You have to like certain things.” 


I’m not sure about you but that broke my heart. At 14 years old, you shouldn’t have to decide who you are and want to be. If you want to pursue every avenue and play football but also compete in beauty pageants, you should be able to do that. 


We know that there are health benefits to participating in sports or staying active in general. Sport also teaches you to be disciplined and how to be a good team player. I know that there are other ways to get these lessons, but I wouldn’t want a girl missing out on the opportunity because society tells her she “has to be girly.” 


This article discusses the “Like A Girl” campaign and how it got started, the research around girls quitting sports and how we retain them. You should take five minutes to give it a read and think about how we can better serve and raise up this younger generation of women.


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