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What's Liv Listening to?

August 6, 2019


I am an avid Spotify listener. Anything from news to podcasts to pre-made playlists. If you’ve ever worked with me you know I work best with something on in the background. I save my Audiobook listening for long drives where I am not interrupted often.


For today’s post, I’ve compiled a list of things I listen to and when I am listening to them. I always enjoy sharing music with others. My father was a musician and I definitely think I inherited his ear for new music.


Spotify is my music program of choice simply because for a reasonable cost of $10 a month. You can listen anywhere, including downloading songs to your phone, make playlists, and listen to a large variety of podcasts. Spotify also creates custom playlists designed specifically for you and what you tend to listen to. Additionally, you can also follow other users, musicians and Spotify playlists.


On Monday and Thursday mornings from March until hopefully November you can catch me listening to ‘The Short Porch’, a podcast hosted by Hubbs and Tommy Smokes. The Short Porch (named respectfully after the Yankees’ right field fence) is “the best podcast for the best franchise in sports” (their words not mine). It’s essentially all things Yankees for an hour to start my day. On days I’m not listening to TSP I probably have WFAN-NY on a stream because I love New York sports talk radio.


I am a big fan of the custom playlists that Spotify makes as well. My “Daily Mix” playlists get played a few days a week and between the five of them, I’m never short on something to listen to.


Thursday afternoons are dedicated to Spotify’s #ThrowbackThursday playlist. I’ve been following it for a few years now and I can honestly say there’s only been a handful of weeks where I didn’t like the selection.


Spotify also offers you the option to create your own playlists. I have over 20 playlists that I have made and they are ever changing. When I am designing something in Photoshop my go-to is ‘Design Time’ which consists of a lot of rap and hip-hop including everything from Lil’ Wayne to City Girls. Another playlist I am proud of and share often is my ‘Annoying Drunk Girl Anthems’ playlist. It was created back when I worked at UNCG when I was ragging on a coworker about his top played songs on Spotify but it’s evolved to a nearly six-hour playlist of all songs sung by female artists that when it comes on the speakers, literally  a n y w h e r e  someone goes “omg I love this song!”


Spotify offers a variety of things to listen to, including a playlist designed for you called ‘Daily Drive’ which is a mix of world news and music you will like. I listened to it daily on my southern road trip this summer and never once felt like I was out of touch with the world news while on vacation.


I love sharing music, podcasts, etc. with people. Feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter with some suggestions! (@livcoiro)

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