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The Necessity of Lifehacks

August 19, 2019


I love shortcuts, or “lifehacks.” I like to say I’m lazily efficient, but really, I’m just desperately juggling an overwhelming number of plates (and usually, coffee cups). There’s the day job, and the freelance jobs, and the ever-evolving middle school social life for my son, plus the little league baseball schedule. I’m constantly searching for multiple solutions to the unsolvable puzzle that is my calendar. 


But my biggest problem? I don’t use those shortcuts. I’m not even sure where to find them, and I don’t think of the easy answer first. In fact, I didn’t use Google Calendar, preferring a paper planner, until I realized I couldn’t keep up with (or read) the myriad of changes I made almost hourly. Perhaps I’m a product of my generation. However, as I’ve started using more lifehacks - granted, way behind the rest of the world - I’m changing my habits to think of the shortcut first. 


In this technology driven world, we have multiple tools available to solve puzzles, but we must know where to find them. While searching for social media design apps, I found multiple websites for lifehacks. Because there’s an app for everything, why not a lifehack for lifehacks? Check out Lifehacker.


I’ll admit, “You Can Make Chick-fil-A-Style Chicken Nuggets at Home” sucked me in for a while. But if you’re interested in “The Best Web Browsers for Privacy and Security,” the site has a very comprehensive list. Need to solve any math problem? You’re covered. I’m not sure how well the “Preventing Procrastination” apps work, but I’m willing to try. I found several of those design apps, how to organize my bookmarks, and more efficient ways to take notes.


There’s also reddit for lifehacks, as well.


Now can someone invent a lifehack to clean red clay from white baseball pants?


What are some of your favorite lifehacks? Let us know!


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