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Staying in a Job You've Outgrown

September 5, 2019


We outgrow a lot of things: shoes, clothes, friends, interests and, of course, jobs. But how do you know when you’ve outgrown a job? I’ve outlined a few points to help you recognize when it’s time to search for a new opportunity.




Working in sports is the thrill of a lifetime. If you aren’t excited walking into work every day then it’s probably time to rethink your job. Think back to when you first started your job: you were eager and excited. If you feel your work is boring or uninteresting, it’s time to look for something else. My eyes were really opened when I heard about Kat Cole’s “Hot Shot” rule last year. This rule is relevant every day; if someone else can come in and do your job better you need to either pick up the slack or start looking for something different.


Lack of Growth Opportunities


There are so many ways to grow in a job. The way most people think of is pay, but you can also take on employee management, acquire new skills, and advance your position. When you begin a new role, the world is yours. You were most likely brought onboard with the idea that you would grow and learn in this position. But what happens when you reach the ceiling and there’s no more growth opportunities for you? You can always attempt to do things on your own time and even see if you can get paid for certifications or classes. If you’ve chatted with your supervisor and they’ve asked you to sit tight in hopes that things will eventually change, it may be time to cast your net.




Although working in sports is hectic and requires an employee to be very flexible, typically your job is pretty consistent. You know you’ll be working long hours, weekends, and holidays. All the unique aspects of working in sports are usually laid out to you in the hiring process. You may have been okay with the commitments when you started but things around you change often and can affect your job. Maybe you get married or start a family, maybe your financial situation changes or a relative gets sick. You may even find something else you’re more passionate about. There’s nothing wrong with developing new passions and interests; most people grow and change over their life. Make sure you recognize your changing interests/situation and don’t stay in a job you don’t enjoy or isn’t working for you.


If you’re questioning staying in your job, it’s probably time to sit down and seriously consider what your options are. And remember that you have options. You always have options, you just need the courage to go after them and embrace change. If you need someone to talk to about outgrowing your current position my inbox is always open at @xoxAMM on Twitter.


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