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Three Quick Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn

September 12, 2019

When it comes to networking in this day and age, LinkedIn is one of the most valuable online tools you can leverage. Not only is it a great way to connect with colleagues and other like-minded professionals, but it also provides a platform on which you can showcase your professional skills, build your personal brand, and even discover new job opportunities. While it may be easier (and honestly, a little more fun) to head to Twitter to accomplish these same things, your LinkedIn profile still needs a little TLC. Here are three quick updates you can make to your LinkedIn today to better optimize your profile for professional networking:


1. Update Your ‘About’ Section: With the ‘Experience’ section acting as the meat and potatoes of your LinkedIn page, the ‘About’ section often gets overlooked. However, it’s one of the first parts of your profile that colleagues and recruiters will see when they visit your page, so leverage this category to quickly convince people to connect with you. Give people a birds-eye view of your professional journey, using relevant keywords to quickly describe your experience and who you are as a professional. No need to go into a ton of detail; people will get the full picture in the aforementioned ‘Experience’ section. Lastly, considering including links to your other social media profiles or using the document upload feature to add project samples to this section.


2. Upload A Cover Photo: This is another small but mighty profile section that also takes up prime real estate on your LinkedIn page. Many users opt to leave in the generic template provided by LinkedIn, but why not whip up something custom in Canva? On my profile, for example, I added adjectives that describe me to a generic background as a way to personalize my profile and give anyone who visits a quick sense of who I am. It’s a tiny detail that I once saw on another user’s profile, but it was a detail that, to me, made all the difference in making a good first impression.


3. Add Keywords to Your Experience: At some point in your career, you will want to use LinkedIn during a job search. By including strong keywords across your profile and in your ‘Experience’ section, you may increase the chances of your LinkedIn account getting discovered by a recruiter. Take 10 minutes to review and revise how your ‘Experience’ section is currently written, and update any language where necessary to include relevant words and terms around the work you do/did. 


There you have it -- three quick ways to button up your LinkedIn profile. If you have quick tips for networking on LinkedIn, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Tweet us at @SparklesSports, or you can find me on LinkedIn at


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