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September 16, 2019


Anyone that knows me knows I love to read. Thanks to that, one of the most used apps on my phone is Goodreads. Goodreads offers lots of neat features to help you along your reading journey.



Goodreads offers shelves for you to put books on. There is “want to read” shelf for you to track things on your TBR (to-be read) list, a “read” shelf to track what you’ve read, and a “currently reading” shelf to track your progress in your current book. You can add any additional shelves you like. I have a shelf called “own,” so that I can remember which books I have and don’t buy duplicates. I consult this list when I hear recommendations from friends or see a book in the store that sounds interesting. I shop for books at used book stores and thrift stores/Goodwill a lot, and I often forget which books I actually have! I also have a shelf where I house books I “could not finish.” 


Life is too short to keep reading a book you aren’t enjoying, so I track those there. Others track books they own on kindle, library books they have checked out, audiobooks, or their all-time favs. I often tell my friends to check my “own” shelf and I will trade or swap them a book from there! Also, since I read so much, I’ll have friends ask me if I’ve read a book and/or what I thought and it’s so easy to pull up my read shelf and look to see if I’ve read it, and if so, how I rated it. The possibilities are endless but the organization is useful and helpful! 



The app has a search feature that I use often, but it also has a bar scanner which is incredibly handy. Readers who browse the aisles in Target, in bookstores, or in the airport to find their next read will find this helpful. See a book that sounds interesting? Scan it and put it on your “want to read” shelf so you can remember. Before I found Goodreads, I would put the book down in the “Notes” app on my phone if I thought about it or I would try to remember it, knowing I would more than likely forget it. When discussing reads with friends or listening to a podcast about books/reading (“Currently Reading” and “What Should I Read Next” are great!), I’ll pull out my app and add their good recommendations. When searching for a book, you will also see the description, rating, and reviews from others that may help you determine if it’s worth adding. 



Similar to Facebook, Goodreads has a newsfeed. You can follow friends and their activity shows up in your timeline. If you know you have a similar reading style as someone, add them! This is where I get lots of recommendations. You can see your friends’ progress in their book and their review/rating once finished. If you see something you like in your timeline, you can add the book to any of your shelves from there and it is super helpful! Goodreads lets you search friends via email or Facebook. Anything you track about your reading will show up in your friends’ newsfeeds, too. 


Reading Challenge

Goodreads offers readers the opportunity to set a reading goal for the year. Throughout the year it updates you on where you stand in your progress towards your goal. I set a goal of 75 books in 2018 and accomplished it. So far in 2019, the app tells me I have read 43 of my goal of 75. I’ve got a little catching up to do! At the end of the year, Goodreads emails you a “year in review” and you can see how many books you read, how many total pages you read, the shortest book, the longest book, the book you rated the highest and lowest, etc., and I love seeing that breakdown.


Overall, this app is a lifesaver and I love how easy and simple it makes tracking my reads. If you’re on Goodreads, add me! I would love to see what you’re reading and swap recommendations.


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