Stepping Up Your Snap Game

Anastasia Hamilton

It’s pretty common to open up your phone and see a little red bubble above the App Store. One particular app that has been rolling out new updates consistently is Snapchat. Because there’s so many updates, it’s easy to forget about them or not know how to utilize them! Below are a couple of pointers to help you up your Snap game!

Artistic Filters

One of my favorite updates are the “Artistic Filters.” To access these you first need to ensure that when you “Save” a picture on Snap that it is saved to your “Memories.”

  1. When you open Snap click the ghost icon in the top left hand corner

  2. Click the toggle wheel in the top right hand corner

  3. Go down to “Memories”

  4. Under “Saving” select “Memories” or “Memories 7 Camera Roll”Now you are ready to use the Artistic Filters! FYI- these can only be applied to photos.

  5. Take a cool Snap

  6. Save it by pressing the icon in the bottom left

  7. Press the “X” in the top left corner to exit out of the Snap

  8. Under the big “O” button you press to record a Snap is a smaller “o,” select that to access your “Memories”

  9. Go to where it says “Snaps”

  10. Select the image you want to apply an Artistic Filter to and hit “Edit & Send” then select the pen tool which allows you to edit the image

  11. Now on the right hand side you should have an icon that wasn’t there before, a paintbrush right above the timer

  12. Select the paintbrush and scroll through the options!

  13. Once you have the perfect filter applied, click the paintbrush again to apply it

  14. Now you are ready to add some more glam to this Snap or just go ahead and send it to someone or add it to your story!






Do you want to brand your Snaps but a geofilter out of your budget? Then you need to experiment with Snap stickers!

  1. Start by screenshotting a logo or whatever you want to use as a sticker

  2. Under the big “O” button you press to record a Snap is a smaller “o,” select that to access your “Memories”

  3. Go to your Camera Roll and you should find the image you just took a screen shot of

  4. Select “Edit & Send” then select the pen tool which allows you to edit the image

  5. Select the scissors and trace the logo

  6. TADA! You now have a sticker that is ready to use!


To access your sticker:

  1. Take a Snap

  2. Click the Notepad icon

  3. Swipe over to the Scissors to see your stickers!









FYI- The best logos to use are round, you can use more intricate shapes but keep in mind you may not be able to cut out the logo as cleanly if the image is oddly shaped. You can cut the logo out a few times and to get the optimal sticker.

FYI #2- Snapchat also has their own stickers that can really add to your story. If you are in the middle of capturing content just save it all to your memories and add the stickers to the image when you get a chance then add the masterpiece to your story.


Front Facing Filters

We are so used to using the Face Filters on our rear-facing camera that we forget about the front facing camera. I like using these filters to add additional effects to my Snaps. There are starbursts, sunlights, sparkles, bubbles and more. The hardest part is making sure none of the facial filters recognize the player’s faces. The best way to use them is to get the effects without the face filter.

  1. Open Snap and hold down on an area for a few seconds then release

  2. Swipe and explore the filters!










I hope these tips and tricks can help you elevate your Snap game! Remember, you can overlay up to three filter/effects- so do it up! If you have any tips or tricks of your own share them in the comments!

Building a Brand on Social: Where to Start

Kristina Nauman


In my four years of working in social media, I’ve seen the space evolve quite a bit. While social media strategizing requires brand marketers to continuously adapt to the ever-changing landscape of social, one thing remains constant–content is king. With great content, brands can cultivate a strong social media presence.


There is no cookie-cutter formula to creating stellar social content. There are, however, steps that you can take to ensure that your profiles are the best representation of your brand, whether social is your main focus or just one component of your work.

1. Look inward.


Nowadays, so many brands get caught up in social listening and competitive analyses, that they lose sight of their own brand identity. Don’t get me wrong–being aware of your competitors’ moves and tapping into industry trends is important, but it by no means should dictate your content strategy. In order for you to build and share great content on social, it’s essential to reflect on your brand’s core competencies, values, and mission. Social media is an avenue through which you can tell your brand story and connect with your audiences. So ask yourself, what is our brand mission, and how can we communicate it to our audience in a way that is meaningful to them? Your answer to this question will help you to craft a content strategy that is unique to your company, tells an authentic message, and ultimately brings your brand closer to its audience.

2. Tell a story.


Take a moment to scroll through your social feeds. What content resonates with you the most? Which photo, video or GIF are you motivated to share? While there is no magic formula to making “viral” content, many posts that we see garnering thousands of shares have one thing in common: storytelling. As brand marketers, we are tasked with connecting our audiences via compelling and authentic stories. The brands that succeed the most on social are the ones that are strategic and purposeful in their content. These brands treat every social media post as an individual tile that adds to the mosaic of their brand presence on social.


Social strategy is not throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks–it’s identifying the compelling stories within your brand and creating thumb-stopping content to communicate those stories. Want to make a post go viral? It’s not that simple. But combine great storytelling, top-notch content, timeliness, and purpose, and you’ve got yourself some content that is really worth sharing.

3. Find your voice.

Once you nail down your social narrative, it’s time to define your brand persona. Basically, assign attributes and personality traits to your social media accounts as if they were real human beings. Think about it: 17 out of the Top 20 most-followed accounts on Twitter are people, not brands or companies. Why is this? People relate to people–it’s basic human instinct. The brands that give their account a strong personality give themselves a leg up in resonating with their followers.


To identify your brand voice, get to know your audience, and study their behavior through platform analytics. Find out what their standard M.O. is on each channel, and ask yourself what they should think, feel, and do as a result of interacting with your brand. From there, you can define the purpose of communication for your social channels and identify the right language for your brand.


4. Think visual.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but so many accounts continue to share content on social media with absolutely no visual to accompany their posts. Studies show that when information is paired with a relevant image, people retain 65% of that information up to three days later. Including some sort of visual (photo, GIF, video, emoji) with your social media post is a simple way to draw people in and keep them on your page longer. To take this one step further, aim for consistency in your creative assets. Use colors, typography, and other design elements consistent with your brand guidelines. Shoot for a consistent photography style and treatment. In a world where #smsports is dominated by slick graphics, emotive photography, and videos that draw you in with no sound and in under six seconds, a strong visual identity is key to social success.


Social media touches many different parts of a brand, and many people within a company have  a hand in content execution for or on social media. Building a strong brand in this space takes time, collaboration, and a clear vision. By laying a solid foundation across your social media channels now, you can set your brand up for success later.